School future debated behind closed doors

Whitcliffe Mount school, Cleckheaton. (050936)
Whitcliffe Mount school, Cleckheaton. (050936)

Council members are to meet in secret to discuss the future of Whitcliffe Mount School and Sports Centre.

The council’s Cabinet is meeting in private on Tuesday to discuss government proposals for the school, the sports centre and land. It is not clear when the proposals will be made public.

The school secured £13m of government cash last June to remodel and refurbish the buildings. Headteacher at the time John McGee said: “This will enable the school to provide high quality, appropriate and up-to-date facilities for all pupils.”

The sports centre, which is 40 years old next year, was planned by Spenborough District Council. When Kirklees Council took over it agreed to cover half the costs if it was built as part of the new Whitcliffe Mount School development. The existing school, which would be demolished, shares heating and electricity with the sports centre.

Coun Kath Pinnock (Lib Dem, Cleckheaton) said: “This is another milestone on the path to having a new school building for Whitcliffe Mount which will be on land next to the existing school.This means that there will be no disruption to students’ education. It also has an impact on the sports centre which is used by the school and community. Whatever decision is made, Cleckheaton’s councillors will be doing all we can to ensure that local people have a local sports centre.” Kirklees Council would not provide a comment.