Setback for Low Moor station plan

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A Wyke councillor says the decision not to invest £3.3 million into a new railway station is “extremely disappointing”.

Transport chiefs had expected to get extra government money to help fund building work at Low Moor station that is planned to be completed in late 2015.

But Metro announced last week that its bid for a grant from the Department for Transport’s New Stations Fund was unsuccessful, and the shortfall in funding will now have to come from elsewhere.

Wyke councillor David Warburton said: “The fact that we don’t get any money at all from the fund is extremely disappointing. The officers who have worked on this project have worked very hard.”

Fellow ward councillor David Robinson added: “I am very annoyed that yet again funding has been refused after we have been trying for 10 years.”

Four station projects elsewhere in the country did receive funding . The New Stations Fund is worth £20 million, yet only £10 million of