Sherriff campaign gets £1,000 donation from Tony Blair

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Paula Sherriff’s campaign to become Dewsbury’s next MP has received the backing of former Prime Minister Tony Blair.

A Labour Party spokesman said Mrs Sherriff’s campaign had received a £1,000 donation from Mr Blair after Mrs Sherriff had this week admitted to not knowing whether he had backed her.

When asked about a possible donation from the former Prime Minister, who this week said he had given £1,000 to each battleground constituency campaign, she said: “I don’t deal with the financial side of things. Money has been raised from local support, and I think we are best to cross that bridge when we come to it.

“This is something a few Tories are getting their knickers in a twist about. I am more interested in showing people what difference a hard working MP can do for the area.”

But a spokeman for the party said: “The party has had a list of 106 battleground constituenies, and Tony Blair was kind enough to donate £1,000 each to these key seats.”

When asked if she would welcome the former Prime Minister’s backing, Mrs Sherriff said: “It is not an option – I would not welcome it or not welcome it. It is not about this.”