Shocking survey leads to speed camera call for Birkenshaw

Thousands of drivers speed through the village of Birkenshaw every day, a survey has revealed.

Saturday, 14th September 2013, 7:30 am
ROAD RAGE Coun Andrew Palfreeman at Whitehall Road in Birkenshaw. (d315a338)

More than 3,500 vehicles were clocked breaking the 30mph limit in Whitehall Road each day while a speed indication device was in place.

Coun Andrew Palfreeman (Con, Birkenshaw) said the drivers’ actions were “potentially murderous”.

He said: “These results confirm what we and local residents have been saying for years. Vehicles enter Birkenshaw too fast.”

ROAD RAGE Coun Andrew Palfreeman at Whitehall Road in Birkenshaw. (d315a338)

Ward councillors said the findings showed the need for permanent speed cameras.

“We believe that the figures prove that this section of Whitehall Road is a prime location for speed cameras.

“However, national guidelines mean that cameras can not be introduced until there is a record of fatal or serious accidents,” he said.

The moveable speed indication device was one of two funded by the local area committee.

Coun Palfreeman said the figures for Whitehall Road, recorded between October 2012 and June 2013 were extremely concerning.

More than 180 vehicles were clocked at 70mph and 40 at more than 80mph.

Coun Palfreeman added: “The ridiculous situation is that we need some of our constituents killed or seriously injured before permanent cameras will be considered.

“Irrespective we will be asking the police to enforce the speed limit and campaigning for cameras.”