Shop owner's food fine

THE OWNER of a Cleckheaton grocery shop has been fined nearly £2,000 after admitting he sold out-of-date food.

Friday, 2nd July 2010, 11:03 am

Hari Sharma, owner of Costcutter in Westgate, pleaded guilty to eight counts of selling items beyond their use-by-date at Dewsbury Magistrates Court.

Sharma also pleaded guilty to a further six counts of failing to price goods on sale in his shop.

West Yorkshire Trading Standards (WYTS), who prosecuted the case, was contact by a customer with a complaint about the items on sale.

An inspector found that 24 food products were on display that had passed their use-by-date by a total of 130 days. One of the items was found to be 46 days beyond the use-by-date. Two further items were found with no minimal durability date.

Chief Officer for WYTS Graham Hebblethwaite said: "Food that is past its use by date can pose an immediate danger to human health if consumed after that date. Retailers must be vigilant and ensure they carry out daily checks on their stock to prevent goods being sold beyond this date."

There were also several items on sale that did not have their prices clearly indicated, which is a requirement of the Price Marking Order 2004.

Sharma was made to pay 1,925 in fines and costs.