Shop’s Euro lottery win

Barrie and Liz Seymour at Londis, which sold a �250,000 winning Euro millions lottery ticket. (d27041102)
Barrie and Liz Seymour at Londis, which sold a �250,000 winning Euro millions lottery ticket. (d27041102)

a LITTLETOWN store has helped a lucky lottery player scoop a cool quarter of a million pounds.

Londis, in Knowler Hill, has been confirmed a National Lottery ‘Lucky Shop’ after selling a winning Euro-millions ticket.

The identity of the winner remains a secret after they opted for no publicity. However they have given permission for the shop which sold them the ticket to be named.

Barrie Seymour, who runs Londis with his wife Liz, said they were thrilled that one of their customers had won £250,000.

“We’ve absolutely no idea who it is, but it’s strange to think that when customers come in, it could be them. It would be nice to think it’s one of our regular loyal customers,” he said.

“Apparently the win was six months ago, but Camelot only reveal the details later to help protect the winner’s identity.”

It’s not the first time Barrie and his staff have sold a winning ticket. A few years ago a syndicate scooped £3.9m after buying a ticket at his shop in Bailiff Bridge.

“We’ve also sold five numbers and a bonus ball,” he added.

“It’s great news for the winner, and also good news for us as we are a small store surrounded by big supermarkets and we’re also fighting against possible future supermarkets at the Old Oak site in Littletown and at the old Harrison Gardner Dyeworks site in Hightown.

“We’re really pleased that a local independent store like ours can give something back and that someone in our local community has won. Good luck to them and we all wish them well.

“We hope we can now make it a hat-trick of big wins so someone else can enjoy some good fortune.”

Londis has now been given a poster declaring it a National Lottery Lucky Shop which it will display in the window.