Skill, strength and clarity showcased in contemporary ballet triple bill

MODERN BALLET Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet.
MODERN BALLET Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet.

New York Contemporary Ballet company Cedar Lake have brought their latest production to Bradford.

Known for their highly gifted dancers, the company works with many choreographers, including Hofesh Shechter, who choreographed the opening credits to the second series of TV’s Skins.

The performance was a triple bill of contrasting pieces by Jiri Kliyan, Jo Strømgren and Crystal Pite.

Indigo Rose by Kylian showed the dancers’ skill, strength and clarity in an abstract piece with fast paced precision dance and tender and fluid duets. The slow pace of Pite’s Ten Duets on a Theme of Rescue allowed the dancers to deliver a much more emotional piece. Strømgren’s lighthearted Necessity, Again, combined recordings of French philosopher Jacques Derrida with hundreds of pieces of paper, quiet monotonous movement and fun, infectious dancing.