Skydiving for dad

FEARLESS: Hannah skydiving to raise money for MacMillian Cancer Support.
FEARLESS: Hannah skydiving to raise money for MacMillian Cancer Support.

A SPEN teenager took to the skies to raise money for a cancer charity.

Hannah Butcher from Scholes had always dreamed of skydiving, but had to wait until her 18th birthday to be given the chance.

Sadly, Hannah’s father Alan was diagnosed with terminal cancer in February last year, but it prompted her to raise money for MacMillan Cancer Support at the same time as fulfilling her skydiving ambition.

Hannah, who is a dancer, said: “Ever since I’ve been little, my dad has been my best friend. He’s always been scared of heights and I told him I’d always wanted to do skydiving.

“MacMillan Cancer Support have done a lot for my dad, they’ve really helped him with medicine and support.”

Despite only starting to raise money for MacMillan two weeks before the actual dive Hannah was overwhelmed by the support she received.

“We did really well, raising about £650,” she said.

“I’m so happy, the number of people who supported me means so much to us.”

The 18-year-old funded the sky dive herself with all the proceeds going to the charity. Although she did it in honour of her father, he didn’t go to Bridlington to see his daughter jump out of a plane because he was so nervous.

“I actually wasn’t scared, I was just excited until I got pushed out of the plane – my heart just dropped. I’m so glad that I’ve done it, it’s 100 per cent the best thing I’ve ever done,” said Hannah.

Her dad did manage watch a DVD of her skydive after the event.

Hannah said: “He said he was really proud.”

While her dad maybe nervous when it comes to heights Hannah remains fearless amd is already planning her next challenge.

“I always want to challenge myself to try new things,” she added. “The next thing I want to do is be in a cage with sharks!”