SLIDESHOW: Town comes out to celebrate Eid-Milad

Around 1,000 people turned out to a procession to celebrate one of the most important dates in the Islamic calendar.

The parade, from Westtown to Savile Town was arranged by mosques in Dewsbury, Batley and Heckmondwike to celebrate Eid-Milad, the birthday of the Prophet Mohammed.

Around 1,000 people turned out for Dewsbury's Eid-Milad parde. (am_dewsbury_eid-010)

Around 1,000 people turned out for Dewsbury's Eid-Milad parde. (am_dewsbury_eid-010)

Participants waved green flags as the procession travelled from the Gulzar-E-Medina Jamia Mosque, in High Street, to the Ghausia Jamia Mosque, in Warren Street.

Senior scholars rode in a horse-drawn cart while food was handed out to people who took part.

Speaking after the procession, scholar Shaiykh Mufti Sahibzadha Noor-Ul-Arifin said: “This is not a political gathering, but a purely religious peace procession where local Muslims who follow mainstream Sufi Islam can learn about the life of Prophet Mohammed.

“A person with a black or white skin, male or female, elderly or young, rich or poor, Muslim or non-Muslim, all were equal to him.

“This was Mohammed’s true Islamic state. He was always teaching his followers to show love and compassion.

“This is exactly why the Wahhabi extremists like the Taliban and Al-Qaeda do not celebrate prophet Mohammed’s Eid-Milad, his birthday, because these peace processions go against their political agenda of spreading hate and violence.”

Organisers emphasised that the message of the procession was to spread a message of peace.

They said there were no disturbances during the event.

The festival of Eid-Milad takes place during Rabi-Ul-Awwal, the third month in the Islamic calendar.