Softer touch for funerals

Rachel Hainsworth, whose company supplies wool-covered coffins.
Rachel Hainsworth, whose company supplies wool-covered coffins.

A funeral directors which offers a range of wool-covered coffins has started a trend which has led to a growth in business for a West Yorkshire firm.

David Butterfield Funeral Directors, of Cleckheaton, was one of the first in the country to offer the wool-covered coffins.

Shawn Peel, who works for the undertakers atBradford Road, said it is now one of the most popular choices.

Since the line was introduced demand has increased, which has led to an upturn in orders for the West Yorkshire firm which manufactures the soft-touch coffins.

Mr Peel said: “I am a big fan of woollen coffins. I am seeing increasing demand from families who are looking for something different.

“I have had some fantastic feedback from families who have said the coffins have made a real difference to the funerals of their loved ones.

“People say they find the woollen coffins so much easier to view. They can help with the grieving process.”

Suppliers Hainsworth, of Pudsey, said demand for the coffins had gone up.

Diane Simpson, Hainsworth’s marketing director, said: “Funeral directors have told us that families like the warm, tactile, soft and comforting feel of the woollen coffins.”