Sorry love, it’s me or the dalek!

Gareth Nolan and his dalek. (D541C348)
Gareth Nolan and his dalek. (D541C348)

For half a century the Daleks have sent children scurrying in fear behind the sofa.

The terrifying aliens and the TV show Doctor Who have celebrated their 50th anniversary – and Gomersal superfan Gareth Nolan marked the occasion alongside 45,000 enthusiasts at a BBC convention in London last weekend.

Gareth, who has been a fan since the show began, is currently restoring his second model Dalek.

“I sometimes say I’m not a Doctor Who fan, I’m a Dalek fan!” he said.

“There are hundreds of fan built Daleks all over the world. I always wanted one and I didn’t know there were so many about.

“This one is 6ft and made of fibreglass. You can get inside it and it’s got the amplifier to change your voice into a Dalek voice. You move it about by shuffling your feet.

“You can move the eye up and down and wiggle the arms and the exterminator. It’s really good fun because you can go round shouting at people.

“I was once in an exhibition inside my Dalek, and I just sat there not moving. People thought it was just an exhib it and started waggling the arms about. I started shouting ‘halt! You will be exterminated!’ You can have a good laugh with it.”

Gareth, Queen Street, spent the summer restoring his Dalek. He had hoped it would be part of a 50th anniversary display at the Bradford Media Museum, but it wasn’t finished in time.

“It’s in the dining room at the moment. My wife’s getting mad about it!” he said.

He eventually hopes to take it to charity events to help raise money as he did with his first model, which appeared on Blue Peter’s 40th anniversary celebrations.

He added: “I remember thinking how good they were. They’re not a standard alien – it’s not a man in a rubber suit. Doctor Who is escapism. There are no limitations to what they can do.”