Spen Christians’ visit to homeless charity

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Churches Together in Cleckheaton and District have visited St George’s Crypt in Leeds.

Members from Cleckheaton Methodists, St John’s, St Luke’s, St Paul’s and Whitechapel toured the premises and learnt about the 82 year history of the crypt and its present day work.

The Rev Steve Dye, Bishop’s Chaplain to the Homeless, said: “St George’s Crypt is a Christian charity based underneath the thriving church of St George’s, Leeds.

“It has been providing care and support for homeless, vulnerable and disadvantaged people since 1930.

“Don Robins first opened the doors of the Crypt to alleviate the considerable distress of many who found themselves with next to nothing as a result of the Great Depression.

“The Crypt enjoys excellent relations with all Christian denominations and welcomes people of every faith. Today, the Crypt continues to provide unconditional support to all those who come to our door.

“However it is only because of people’s generosity of heart that we can support the number of people we do. We thank everyone for the kindness and compassion”.

Elaine Littlewood, who chairs Churches Together in Cleckheaton, said: “Our churches have supported the Crypt in the past and this was an enjoyable and informative visit.”

A representative of the Crypt will speak to the Spen Valley Mothers’ Union at their open meeting on September 4 at Roberttown Church.