Spen folk in US storms

Inez Robinson and dog Remy.
Inez Robinson and dog Remy.

A FORMER Spen resident who now lives in New York has been telling the Spenborough Guardian the latest on Hurricane Sandy, which struck America’s east coast this week.

Inez Robertson, who originally comes from Birkenshaw, has a home in Woodstock, 100 miles north of the city, and an apartment in Manhattan.

She said: “The storm was 800 miles wide, so you can imagine how many States were affected by this. It was travelling close to 25mph when it hit.

“We were petrified as you can imagine. We are lucky we had no damage to our property or properties close by us.

“Our apartment building in Manhattan is a different story. It is flooded and there is no electricity, so the elevators are not working in the building.”

Former Liversedge resident Andrew Garlick now lives in nearby New Jersey.

He said: “This is was my first major storm since moving here. My wife and I knew about the storm since Wednesday last week and although the computer models seemed to say it was going to hit, you always think ‘maybe not’.”

“We had 85mph winds – it felt like a truck hitting the house.”