Spen pool used as a political football

I signed the petition to keep Spen pool open so I’m pleased to see Kirklees Council has made money available towards its rebuild (Spenborough Guardian, July 12) through the pledge of £4.6m with a further £4m [needed].
This seems a lot of money, particularly when the council has closed the public toilets in Heckmondwike and made no headway whatsoever in the development of Heckmondwike bus and information centre because of a lack of cash.
When deputy Labour leader Coun David Sheard makes criticisms of ‘making commitments to things when we don’t know where the money’s coming from’ he could be referring to the recent Liversedge / Gomersal by-election where Spen Pool was used as a political football.
As usual those who shout loudest get things done, while those who quietly got on with life get trodden on.
If it needs a by-election in Heckmondwike to find money for the bus and information centre then let’s have one!

John Appleyard

Firthcliffe Parade