St Peg Lane flood scheme pays off

A MULTI-MILLION pound project to reduce the risk of flooding along the River Spen has worked.

Yorkshire Water spent £2.1m on the flood alleviation scheme after the devastation caused to parts of Cleckheaton and Littletown by torrential rainfall during the summer of 2007.

The works involved improving the sewerage system and the installation of an underground waste water tank, capable of storing up to two million litres of waste water, near to St Peg Close and Brooke Street.

In October residents in St Peg Lane were sceptical the tank would work – but the scheme was found to have worked during last weekend’s heavy rainfall.

Spen MP Mike Wood said: “Dealing with flooding can often be a very inexact science and in some cases no matter what is attempted it doesn’t seem to work.

“I’m delighted though that the project at St Peg Lane, a tremendous feat of engineering by Yorkshire Water, appears to be already paying its way and preventing homes from being flooded.

“The torrential rain we’ve seen in the last week or so will have caused a lot of consternation and worry for those residents who have been flooded before.

“Protecting residents from this misery is invaluable.”