Suicide verdict on depressed woman

A WOMAN with a history of depression died when she was struck by a train on the Dewsbury to Huddersfield line in February this year, an inquest has heard.

The Huddersfield coroner Roger Whittaker recorded the verdict that Margaret Harper, 47, had taken her own life after he heard about her actions leading up to her death after 9pm on February 12 and that she was being treated for depression.

Mrs Harper, of Westgate, Cleckheaton, died of multiple injuries after being hit by a TransPennine Express. Her death was instantaneous. She had been reported missing just hours before by her worried family.

Her son Christopher, in a statement given to the coroner's court, said that on the evening of her death Mrs Harper, a self employed delivery driver for Parcelnet, had pushed a card through his door telling him about two bags she had left for him.

He opened the door to see her walking back to the car, she shouted an endearment and he replied before she drove off.

He found two bin bags filled with photographs, her jewellery, cigarettes and ornaments along with a note asking that one of the pieces of jewellery should go to his sister.

He immediately tried to contact his father, John Charles Harper and phoned the police to report her missing. Mr Harper also rang the police the moment he realised his wife was not at home.

The coroner said that the evidence provided by her family and that of the driver of the train, who reported seeing a figure standing close to the line looking towards the oncoming train, led him to believe Mrs Harper intended to take her own life.