Swedes visit for health tips

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A delegation of Swedish government officials visited Kirklees to share ideas about working methods in the public health sector.

The North of England EU Health Partnership organised the delegation with Gothenburg Region of Local Authorities.

The aim of the visit was for members of staff from Swedish local government to follow the work of similar colleagues in the field of social exclusion and welfare in another EU member state.

Richard Parry, director for commissioning at Kirklees Council Public Health and Adult Social Care said: “Kirklees is developing a great reputation for innovation internationally, and that is why Swedish public servants are beating a path to our door.”

During a trip, the Swedes paid a visit to Auntie Pam’s in Northgate, Dewsbury. The service is run mainly by volunteers for young pregnant women and mums with young children living in deprived areas.

The delegates spoke with the volunteers and mothers to find out about how it gives them emotional support and links into health, education and employment.

The delegates also met with the head of Health Improvement at Kirklees Council Tony Cooke for a briefing on key public health issues facing the district.

He said: “We are proud to have hosted this delegation and to be part of efforts to improve the lives of people across Europe.”