Take Me Out for some Saturday Night Fever

Richard Senior. (d621c403)
Richard Senior. (d621c403)

Batley’s very own John Travolta will be crossing his fingers for a flight to Fernandos, as he is due to woo the ladies on hit ITV show Take Me Out.

Richard Senior is best known by locals for wearing his Saturday Night Fever-style outfit in the Frontier.

But he will swap the former Variety Club for the love lift as he hopes to convince 30 single ladies that he is a worthy of a date.

The programme, hosted by comedian Paddy McGuinness (pictured), involves four eligible bachelors trying to impress the girls with their charm and perform a party piece.

Richard, 40, who lives in Dewsbury, joked he applied after a few friends told him about the show.

He said: “They encouraged me to apply and I thought my personality would be good for the show.

“I am a single guy and just thought why not?”

When Richard got confirmation that he would appear on the show, he travelled to the Take Me Out studio in Kent, where he attempted to charm the single ladies.

He added: “I watched a bit of the previous series and it was a privilege to be a part of it.

“I worked with a film crew filming all around Batley and I just wanted to make the most of the opportunity.”

A Facebook page dedicated to Richard and his colourful wardrobe has received more than 1,400 likes.

The description said: “You know you’re in for a good night when the white suit guy struts into the Frontier like John Travolta. Every weekend, come rain or shine, recession or no recession, the white suit guy has an impressive attendance record.”

Richard said he was aware of his online following and took it all in good humour.

Will it be a blackout for Richard or will he be sunning himself with a single lady on the isle of Fernandos?

Tune in to ITV 1 on Saturday February 8, to find out.