Terriers fans to star on TV

Spen Huddersfield Town fans are looking forward to seeing themselves on the television next week, as part of a documentary which was filmed at Millbridge WMC.

Nicholas Crane, one of the presenters of Coast, had made four new programmes called Town – one of which focuses on Huddersfield, and as part of the filming the crew came to Spen to talk to Town fans.

One of them, Dave Scholefield, said they were delighted to have been involved in the programme making, though they won’t know until Tuesday whether they have made the final edited version or ended up on the cutting room floor.
Dave said: “At the end of the interview we gave Nicholas Crane a rendition of the Town anthem Smile Awhile, which used to be sung on the terraces in the 1920s and is now enjoying a resurgence.”

“It’s a fantastic song, there are no swear words in it, it’s almost ‘Hovis’-like and evokes a northern industrial town – and you can sing it loudand proud.”

See Town on BBC2 on Tuesday at 9pm.