Thanks for your support for drop-in centre

In April this year, we took over as joint managers/co-ordinators of Batley Drop-in, which has been in operation since 2010.

The Drop-in Centre is in the Brimer Hall (beneath Central Methodist Church, at the bottom of Batley Market Square), and is open from 10am until 12-30pm every Monday and Thursday.

It is open to anyone, whatever their personal or social circumstances, and breakfast is provided, as are tea and coffee and biscuits throughout the morning, and a cooked lunch at around noon.

There is no charge and no referrals are needed. An aggregate of between 50 to 60 come each week.

The centre also provides hair cutting at a huge discount, housing advice, and informal counselling and referrals to other statutory and voluntary bodies as requested.

Food parcels and hygiene parcels (men and women) are available, after conversation, where they are deemed needful; but these are only available during the hours that the centre is open.

We would like to thank all those individuals and organisations who have helped to support the drop-in in a variety of ways since its inception, and especially the 20 or so volunteers who help regularly on Mondays and Thursdays.

All those who work at the drop-in do so in an unpaid capacity.

A special word of thanks must be given to two local businesses who give practical help each week to the work we do.

Asda in Batley allows our catering staff to have an amount of goods of our own choosing each Monday at no charge; and Grantham’s Bakery in the Market Square donates a variety of baked items each Thursday.

May we finish with another word of thanks in a more personal way. When our two grandsons (who are five and seven and live in Hong Kong) heard of the work that the Batley Drop-in is doing, they had a sale in their block of flats in Hong Kong.

They made cup-cakes, and sorted out toys and games, and had a stall in the vestibule of their block.

They and their parents have just come to stay with us for the summer holidays and raised enough money to purchase 20 food packs and 20 hygiene packs (they went shopping with their parents, bought the items, and made up the packs themselves!) How’s that for cross-continental co-operation!

John and Eileen Trevenna

(Joint managers/co-ordinators, Batley Drop-in Centre)