The path to greater things begins for park

West End Park is in for a makeover!
West End Park is in for a makeover!

A £14,000 project to improve a Cleckheaton park will begin on Monday.

The building project, which will improve disabled access to West End Park, is hoped to be the first of many projects to improve the park.

The work was spearheaded by the Veolia EnvironmentalTrust, which has worked in partnership with the Friends of West End Park group.

The plans include a new path to improve access to the park for people with disabilities and those with pushchairs.

A spokesman for the Veolia Trust said: “The path will form the foundation for future plans to create a fitness trail, a memorial walk and an ‘art park’ within the space.”

Funding for the project has come from the Spen Valley area committee and the Veolia Trust.

The Friends group developed the plans for the project after conducting a survey in Summer 2012. Having a complete route around the park was identified as the most requested improvement.

Martin Webster, chairman of the Friends group, said: “We are delighted that work is getting underway. The completion of the path will increase use of the park by people with wheelchairs, prams and bicycles, and enable people to safely reach the benches that were recently installed.

“This project will bring us closer to delivering the next stage of our long-term plan to develop and improve the park for current and future generations of visitors.”