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SLEEPY HEAD: Claire Padgett, from Scholes, with baby Grace. (d140a251)
SLEEPY HEAD: Claire Padgett, from Scholes, with baby Grace. (d140a251)

A NEW mum has praised midwives for saving the life of her baby.

Little Grace Shaw had the umbilical cord wrapped round her neck when she was born at Dewsbury and District Hospital.

Her grateful mother, Claire Padgett, of Scholes, has thanked staff at the maternity unit who helped her through a traumatic labour.

She went into the hospital at 2pm on December 8 but as the labour progressed, complications arose and there were serious concerns for the baby’s safety.

“I was so worried,” said Claire. “Every time I had a contraction, the baby’s blood pressure dropped. Who knows what would have happened if it were not for the staff?”

After eight hours of labour, doctors decided to speed up the birth, and used a vacuum method to deliver Grace.

Claire reserved special praise for one of her midwives, Jo Suckling, and said: “I was still in labour at 9pm when she was supposed to have finished her shift, but she told me ‘don’t worry, I’ll stay with you’. Grace was born at 11.29pm – I couldn’t believe how generous Jo was with her time – she stayed until after 1am!

“They do an absolutely fantastic job on a daily basis without the recognition they deserve.

“These days, we only ever seem to hear about the negatives of the NHS – I feel these departments and staff are invaluble.

“It has definitely made me feel confident that if I were to have more children, I know I would be in safe hands.”

Claire, 31, from Foldings Grove, said she and fiancé Wayne Shaw were now looking forward to spending thier first Christmas with Grace.

She said: “Grace has put on two and a half ounces since she was born, so it’s definitely a sign of a healthy appetite!”