They’re in! Pupils celebrate GCSE results

GCSE results 2013 - Earlsheaton Technology Cillege - Thomas Hey, James Broadhead, Jake Senior, Summer Richardson, Emily Glover and Eden Whitehead. (D541H334)
GCSE results 2013 - Earlsheaton Technology Cillege - Thomas Hey, James Broadhead, Jake Senior, Summer Richardson, Emily Glover and Eden Whitehead. (D541H334)

Students across North Kirklees were breathing a collective sigh of relief when they collected their GCSE results yesterday.

Batley Business and Enterprise College headteacher Ian Dutton said 60 per cent of pupils had achieved five GCSEs graded A*-C, including English and maths.

“It’s absolutely fantastic. The school was struggling to break the 50 per barrier two to three years ago and this is our second year at sixty plus. We’ve had record-breaking results, he said. “Close to 70 per cent of our boys got C or better in maths. That’s phenomenal.”

At Batley Girls’ High School, great results were celebrated across the board.

“Ten girls got 10 or more A*s and A’s, and there are ‘21 today’ whose best eight are all A* and A grades,” said executive head Jackie Eames “At the old measure of 5 A*-C we achieved a remarkable 99.5 per cent. Our new sixth form centre will be full of local young women who have earned a place in our first class facility by achieving great GCSE results.”

Batley Grammar School experienced an increase in the percentage of students gaining five A*-C, up from 89 per in 2012 to 94 per cent this year.

Head Brigid Tullie said: “We are particularly pleased with the significant improvement in the levels of progress in our core subjects.

“Exam results are always only part of the picture and this academic success has also been matched by equally good performances outside of the classroom. We certainly pride ourselves in helping to create confident, rounded individuals and enriched young citizens that will contribute to the community.”

Castle Hall Academy Principal, Andy Pugh, said 77 per cent of pupils had gained five or more grades A* to C. Thirty six per cent of students gained the English Baccalaureate.

“I am happy to say that our 2013 results show an improvement. The Academy has seen strong results in several subjects, notably maths, music, ICT, religious studies and modern languages. There are always a number of students who do particularly well. Jasmine Wilkinson, Jessica North and Hafsa Ahmed are among the highest achieving students in the year group.

“We send our congratulations to all students, and wish them all the best in their future study or employment.”

Earlsheaton Technology College was also celebrating. Despite being in special measures, the school’s results are up to 44 per cent.

Head Hayley Clacy said: “We are delighted to see our results increase by 11 per cent to be our best ever GCSE performance.

“This is the direct result of the immense effort employed by the young people, staff and parents. This is a remarkable achievement from the students and staff. As we move forward as Manor Croft Academy further successes will become the norm for our school and students.”

Heckmondwike Grammar School headteacher Mike Cook said the 160 students achieved 1,919 passes at grade C or better, plus 31 short courses, an average of over 12 passes per candidate.

“The quality of grades achieved was incredibly high; 90 per cent of GCSE grades awarded were at grade B or better and 75 per cent of these grades were either A or starred A,” he said.

Pupil Redha Rubaie said: “I am very happy. I had to make sure I revised but tried to keep some remnants of a life too – it’s difficult to get the balance.”

Principal at Kirklees College, Peter McCann said: “Our GCSE students have worked very hard this year and it’s obvious that their hard work has paid off. I’m also pleased to see such a good set of GCSE results across our region and look forward to welcoming school leavers to our college in September.”

Mirfield Gree Grammar celebrated its best ever GCSEs.

Principal Lorraine Barker said: “These results will give our students fantastic life chances. They are a result of outstanding teaching and learning, students’ exemplary work ethic and staff going the extra mile.”

Overall, 99 per cent of pupils achieved five or more A*-C grades, with 82 per cent including English and maths.

At Spen Valley Sports College, 96 per cent of pupils achieved at least five A*-C grades, with 50 per cent achieving five or more at the same grades including Englist and maths, and 8.4 per cent passed the baccalaureate.

Headteacher Ian Ellam said: “I am delighted for students whose hard work has been rewarded this week. I would like to pass on to each of them my best wishes for their continued happiness and success.”

Pupil Bronwyn Walsworth said: “I was petrified, I woke up three times last night. My room has been full of revision posters. It’s all paid off.”

St John Fisher headteacher Kevin Higgins said 59.5 per cent of students have achieved 5 A*-C grades including English and Maths and overall 87 per cent have achieved a minimum of 5A*-Cs.

He added: “I am pleased that the hard work of the students appears to have paid off. The young men and women have much to be proud of and I’m sure they would wish to thank their families and their teachers for the support they have received over the years.

“Today is another good day for the school and there are lots of happy faces”.

Thornhill Community Academy head Jonny Mitchell said results were met with celebration and tears of joy, with 88 per cent achieving five A*-C passes.

He said: “I am particularly pleased for this brilliant year group, as they have approached their studies and their exams with real maturity. Students these days are constantly under pressure to perform well in exams, and I am so pleased that the vast majority have reaped the results of some serious hard work.

“I wish them every success for their future studies and endeavours, and hope future years can replicate their successes.”

At Whitcliffe Mount 83 per cent of students achieved 5 A*-C grades, and 57 per cent including English and maths.

Headteacher John McGee said: “This success represents real opportunities for those students in the future. It is a testimony to their hard work, the dedication of the staff and the support and commitment of their parents. We congratulate our students and wish them well for the future.

Pupil Cobi Davis said: “I didn’t want to come because I was expecting the worst but I’ve been proved wrong.”