Thieves hit Liversedge farm twice in a week

The owners of a farm in Hightown say they are appalled at the theft of three metal feeders which were used for their herd of calves.

Friday, 9th August 2013, 10:27 am
Kay Makinson from Windy Bank Farm, Liversedge. The farm has been hit by thieves twice in the last week. This morning the owners woke up to find three metal feeding troughs have been stolen and the little calves in the field are now having to feed off the floor.

Kay Makinson said it was the second time in a week that the thieves had struck at Windy Bank Farm.

“We got up on Tuesday morning to feed the calves, but the feeders had disappeared,” she said.

“It’s just rotten. There’s a field full of young calves and they have nowhere to feed from. I’m having to put the feed onto the ground and they’re scrabbling around to get it. It’s appalling.”

Last summer thieves stole electric cabling from the farm in Windy Bank Lane meaning she and her partner, Graham France, had to get an emergency back-up supply so they could milk the cows.

“And then last week they stole the deisel from our tank which fills the tractors,” Kay added.

“They also stole the power steam cleaner which we use to clean and disinfect all the dairy equipment, the tools that power the electric fencing which keep the cows in the field, and two farm computers that we use for the accounts and the cow registrations.

“But this is the last straw. I’m absolutely sickened that they have stolen from animals. I can replace the feeders but in the meantime it’s a real welfare issue for the calves.

“The feeders are about five feet long and are expensive to buy, but their scrap metal value won’t be anything like that.”

A neighbouring farm has also been targetted in the last week. Horseriding equipment worth thousands of pounds was stolen by thieves who broke into a livery yard in Ladywell Lane, off Windy Bank Lane, last Wednesday between 5am and 9am.

It included saddles, bridles and harnesses worth at least £3,000.

Anyone with information on any of the incidents should contact Spen Neighbourhood Policing Team on the non-emergency number 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.