Thought for the Week - Audrey Johnston

February can be a lovely month with a number of flowers popping up. Snowdrops and crocus pop their pretty heads up despite rain, snow or wind. How I love to go for a bus ride and see the first new born lambs skipping out in the fresh green fields.

They bring to mind the Lamb of God who gave His life that we might live with Him and meet our loved ones in Heaven.

Someone once said to me “How can this be with all the millions who have lived?” Well I don’t know. I just believe.

After all we don’t know how gas or electricity or many other things work but we still use them.

Bluebells and daffodils come up in the woods year after year, I don’t know how, but they do.

Someone once bought me an Amaryllis for Christmas. Someone else said it was too early to plant it so we put it in my wardrobe and I forgot all about it.

A few months later we found it and saw that it had begun to grow itself.

How we laughed over that.

As always there will be those who will be sad this month remembering lost loved ones. We can only trust they are safe in God’s hands, remembering that Jesus promised we will meet again someday.