Thousands turn out for annual EID-Milad Peace Procession

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More than 3,000 Sufi Muslims from Mosques in Dewsbury, Batley, Heckmondwike and the Spen Valley turned out for this year’s annual EID-Milad Peace Procession.

The peace-procession was organised on Sunday by the Gulzar-E-Medina Jamia Mosque in Westtown, and the Ghausia Jamia Mosque on Warren Street in Savile Town.

Children and parents, along with elderly members from the area’s Sufi-Muslim communities came out in their hundreds to mark prophet Mohammad’s birthday celebrations, also known as EID-Milad. They walked through Savile Town, across the Calder Bridge, towards Westtown’s Gulzar-E-Medina Jamia Mosque, where special prayers were read.

The peace-procession was organised during a holy month of festivities for Sufi Muslims around the world.

The holy month of Rabi-Ul-Awwal is the third month in the Muslim calendar, and this year coincided with the festive holiday period.

Mufti Shaiykh Allama Moalana Noor-Ul-Arifin, a senior Muslim scholar at the procession, said: “This is not a political march, it does not support any political party, and it has no political agenda behind it.

“This peace procession is a procession of love and harmony. It celebrates the birth of a noble prophet known as Mohammad who had an state that gave equal rights to those who were weak, poor, orphans, elderly or the vulnerable.”

In line with Sufi-Muslim tradition, people waved green colour flags with daffodils or tulips attached to them.

The colour green symbolises love for nature and the environment. Children also wore green colour turbans and white tunic.

Led by local Mosque Imams and senior Muslim Scholars who came from as far away as Lancashire, the peace procession’s aim was to spread a message of love and harmony.

Free packets of Samosas and cartons filled with Biryani Rice were handed out by organisers to pedestrians and passers-by as a gesture of goodwill.

Tea and free food was then also served to all those who had taken part.