PCSO Orham Yigit outside the George Pub, Cleckheaton after a tree fell into it. (d10031154)
PCSO Orham Yigit outside the George Pub, Cleckheaton after a tree fell into it. (d10031154)
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A TREE crashed through the window of a Cleckheaton pub during 60mph winds.

Passers-by heard a loud crack just after 11am yesterday, when part of an old tree snapped and fell through the top window of the Mead Hall at the George, in the town centre.

Minutes later, a second, louder crack was heard as the rest of the trunk toppled and hurtled towards the pub.

Police were quickly on the scene and closed Market Street, as a second tree swayed precariously in the strong winds.

Owners of cars parked just a few metres from the trees were asked to move their vehicles in case the wind suddenly changed direction.

Branches could be seen on the roof of the pub, as bystanders gathered to see what had happened.

Paula Lindsay, who works at Inches Curtains, which faces the pub, saw the whole thing unfold.

“I was unpacking a box and I saw something just fall,” she said.

“Then two minutes later I saw the bigger part of it fall as well. The smaller part went through the top window of the pub – it looked like a large branch. I was just grateful it didn’t fall the other way towards where we were.”

PCSO Orhan Yigit was passing the pub at the time and also saw the incident first-hand: “The tree just fell on to the pub and I was concerned about the building and whether there was anyone inside.

“Shortly afterwards, I heard another crack and the other part of the tree came down as well. It was unreal.”

PCSO Yigit said he was working with the control team and Kirklees Council to get someone to assess the remaining trees around the pub grounds.

No-one was hurt and landlord Simon Pawson said the pub would open as usual this weekend.

The commotion could be heard from the post office, where Kathleen Goldsmith said people came rushing out to see what had happened.

Susan Hopkins, of Clare Road, Cleckheaton, said: “I had gone to my car and was reading the paper when I saw the tree swaying in the strong winds.

“I heard this big crack and the tree just fell through the window. I think it might have been a branch, but it just fell. My first reaction was that I hoped no one was in there.”

Police and tree surgeons from Kirklees Council stayed on the site into the afternoon to remove the fallen trees.