Town’s parking merry-go-round

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CONCERNS have been raised over the state of car parking in Cleckheaton town centre, as more people struggle to find a space.

Long-stay parking has become an issue for workers in the town centre, according to Labour Party campaigner Dan Howard.

Mr Howard has called it a ‘town centre merry-go-round’ where staff from businesses in the town move their cars to avoid a parking ticket. “Where town centre parking is concerned the priority has to be shoppers,” he said. “There’s no point in businesses operating in Cleckheaton if their customers and clients can’t park and use local services.But long stay spaces are now at a premium more than ever. Often if you’re not in town by 9am you’ll struggle to find a place. And I have spoken to traders who are having to leave their businesses and venture out twice a day to move their cars between spaces.”

Currently, drivers can park for free all day at the car park behind the Rose and Crown pub, and behind the town hall but spaces are limited. They can also stay for four hours in St John’s car park.

However, Tesco has restricted the use of its car parking, which workers in other businesses had previously relied upon as an alternative to on street parking.

“Woe betide anyone who leaves town and returns in the late morning or afternoon to look for a space - it can involve two or three circuits of the town centre,” said Mr Howard.

“It’s not good for traffic congestion and it’s not good for the environment. It is also pushing the problem out onto residential streets on the fringes of the town centre and this is unacceptable.”