Tractor driver’s near miss

ROAD ACCIDENT The scene of the crash. Photo: Philip Rushworth
ROAD ACCIDENT The scene of the crash. Photo: Philip Rushworth

A tractor driver was forced to smash headlong into a pharmacy to avoid knocking down a man and two young boys.

The driver, who did not want to be named, crashed into Shah’s Pharmacy in Valley Road, Liversedge,on Sunday morning, after his vehicle suffered a malfunction.

He said: “The hand throttle didn’t work. I stood on the brakes and that sent me bouncing off the central island. I felt the wheel lift off the ground and I thought it was going to go over.

“At the corner of Valley Road and Green Road I saw a man and two boys. I had to turn again to make sure I didn’t hit them and then the tractor connected with the chemist.

“I was only doing about 10mph. I think I must have banged my head on something and my chest must have hit the steering wheel.”

The driver said he waited until the tractor had been taken away and went to hospital, where he had seven stitches. He also suffered bruised ribs.

He said: “It’s fortunate nobody was seriously injured.”

Meanwhile it was business as usual for the staff at Shah’s Pharmacy, which opened normally at 9am on Monday.

Director Robert Andrew said despite the damage the business was open at 9am on Monday and would continue to trade as usual.

He said: “Our priority has been to ensure our patients’ and customers’ safety. As a precaution we have sealed off the area by the normal entrance so the area affected by the collision can’t be accessed, and we have created an alternative entrance.

“We have had building contractors out today and they have made the building stable.

“The staff have shown magnificent team spirit; they have all pulled together and have made sure all our customers are served and dealt with normally.”