Traffic problems ‘need expert opinions’

Residents of Pyenot Hall Lane have reacted angrily to claims from motorists that the road’s closure is to blame for Cleckheaton’s traffic problems.

The Guardian reported last week that since the closure of rat-runs, traffic problems have increased, with many motorists queuing for up to half an hour on main roads into Cleckheaton.

However residents living on Pyenot Hall Lane and surrounding roads say the closures were needed.

Val Tetchner said: “If you actually lived on the road, you would understand how disruptive, dangerous and noisy it is to have a constant stream of traffic.

David Durrans added: “The mess with traffic cannot be fully placed at the foot of the Marsh area. All the main road traffic should be subject to survey and the traffic lights should be given filters to help the flow, this will need expert opinion as a minimum.” Coun Kath Pinnock said: “I have spoken to Highways, and they say they are going to investigate any ways they can help alleviate some of the traffic. The traffic lights are working at over their capacity, so something clearly needs to be done.”