Trash talk on new recycling figures

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A war of words has broken out between Labour and Conservative councillors in Kirklees over the council’s record on recycling.

Government figures have revealed households in Kirklees are among the worst in Yorkshire at recycling household waste.

According to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Kirklees is ranked 20 of 22 Yorkshire and Humberside councils for recycling household waste, with only 32.57 per cent of waste recycled in the year 2012/13.

Coun Robert Light, leader of the Kirklees Conservatives, said: “We warned last year that the lack of positive recycling initiatives under the Labour administration, and the removal of kerbside glass collection, would see the council move backwards.

“Labour’s recycling legacy is shameful. They hadn’t the appetite to enhance recycling in Kirklees, they’ve actually eradicated it.”

Coun Cathy Scott, Kirklees Cabinet member for Place, said: “The audacity of Coun Light to attack us for scrapping kerbside collections that his Conservative group voted to cut in council, is mischievous at best, an indication of cheap and devious Tory tactics at worst. I am certain the public will not be fooled.

“Although our recycling rate in Kirklees is lower than many, for the last three years our overall diversion of waste away from landfill has been the highest of any council in the Yorkshire region.”