Tributes paid to ‘tenacious’ councillor

Man of the people: Dr Glyn Powell passed away at home.
Man of the people: Dr Glyn Powell passed away at home.

A ‘tenacious’ former councillor has passed away after losing his battle to cancer.

Dr Glyn Powell served as independent socialist for Dewsbury east in the early 1990s and his family says he devoted his life to helping others.

Gaining a PHD in philosophy while in Dewsbury, he later moved to Kellington, near Selby, but remained popular, often helping out in employment tribunals.

His wife Sue, of 44 years, said: “Right up to weeks before he died, people were still coming to him.

“He would not see anyone downtrodden by the authority and won thousands of tribunal cases.

“He was very tenacious, Glyn never stopped, even after we moved away .

“He will be greatly missed by friends, family and everyone who knew him.

“I have had so many phone calls and cards.”

Dr Powell died at home after being diagnosed with terminal lung cancer in June.

But the 67-year-old was no stranger to serious illness having first being diagnosed with throat cancer in 2003.

After fighting back to full health, he suffered a stroke in 2005 following a crash in which he was knocked off his bicycle.

He was then diagnosed with leukaemia in 2007, which again he was able to beat after it was diagnosed early.

Sue added: “We always knew it would come back, but he always battled through it in ‘warrior mode’ as he put it.

“We knew it was coming but it’s still a shock.”

Family friend of 40 years, Colin Cooper, added: “He helped a lot of people in Dewsbury and everything he did was for the people.

“All the things he did should not be forgotten.”

Details for Dr Powell’s funeral are yet to be finalised.