Unkempt grounds of church upset visiting families

Overgrown grass hides graves at St Mary's church in Mirfield. (D541A431)
Overgrown grass hides graves at St Mary's church in Mirfield. (D541A431)

A family has said they are devastated at the state of a churchyard, which they say is stopping them from visiting relatives’ graves.

Karen Griffin and her mother Josephine claim grass in the grounds of St Mary the Virgin Church in Mirfield is now so long it obscures the gravestones.

Josephine, who also lives in Mirfield, said she no longer went to visit her late husband and son’s graves as it was now too upsetting to see them in that state.

“The last time we looked at it, the grass was so high,” she said.

“I think they are just not taking care of it. I could not even find my son’s headstone.

“I don’t go there now because I don’t want to get upset again. It feels like it is disrespectful.”

Josephine’s daughter Karen said there was a similar problem last year, when action was only taken after complaints from the family to the vicar.

“We made a complaint and they immediately cut it, but that was one year ago,” she said.

“We try to speak with people there and complain, but they are never there.

“They need to keep the cemetery clean and the grass cut so people can visit the graves of loved ones.

“People are allowed to walk their dogs down there too, so the church could at least keep the graves tidy. The grass is now way past kneelength.”

Nobody at the church was available for comment, although the Reporter understood the church grounds are usually maintained by a team of volunteers.