Upcoming decisions will enable councillors to shape Kirklees’ future

Venue: Cabinet meetings are usually held at Huddersfield Town Hall
Venue: Cabinet meetings are usually held at Huddersfield Town Hall

Key decisions affecting residents are set to be made by Kirklees Council over the coming weeks.

The council has issued its forward plan of key decisions and private reports it expects to consider between now and February 28 next year.

It details not only decisions which will be made by council and Cabinet but also, where appropriate, by officers under delegated powers.

Key decisions are described as executive decisions which are likely to either result in the authority incurring expeniture or make savings of more than £250,000 per year or have a significant effect on the communities living or working in an area comprising one or two council wards.

A number of decisions are expected to be taken by Cabinet next week.

These include improving children’s services, seeking permission to explore a potential partnership approach between the council, Kirklees Active Leisure and schools for school swimming, and seeking approval to carry out engagement, consultation and collaboration with schools and other stakeholders to shape the local education system in the future.

In terms of the economy, a report looking at the council’s Council Tax Reduction scheme and suggesting options moving forward, will be considered.

In December Cabinet will be updated on the results of a consultation with service users and the wider public on changes to services affecting children and adults with disabilities and their carers, as well as home transport for all eligible children, and is being asked to seek approval for the changes.

Corporate issues under the spotlight include approval to delegate to officers authority to dispose of surplus land and property, revisions to the 2017-18 Highways Capital Plan, consideration of the council’s winter service policy for 2018-19, and monitoring of treasury management activities during this financial year.

Cabinet meetings of January 23 and 30 are expected to consider the implications for the council of the Government’s funding settlement for 2018-19 and approval of the next council year’s rent setting policy in relation to housing revenue account properties.

Councillors will also receive the necessary financial information to enable them to shape budgets between next year and 2022, in line with the council’s agreed treasury management principles.