Updated: Complaints after Matalan Dewsbury staff film shoppers

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Bargain hunters say they have been left upset and angry after a video shot by a Matalan staff member appeared on the internet.

Shoppers piled into the Railway Street store in Dewsbury at 4.30am on Boxing Day unaware that someone was filming them on a mobile phone.

The video, which has appeared on WhatsApp, Facebook and Youtube, shows some slight pushing and shoving but otherwise people are well behaved.

Readers have contacted the Reporter Series saying many shoppers feel offended that they were being filmed without their knowledge.

One reader, who contacted us via the Upload a Story section on our website, said: “Many Asian Muslim people are really angry for recording them.

“The store manager is saying a full investigation will be done as many people are upset. Yes, their behaviour rushing in is not right but also a staff member of Matalan and the management of Matalan are not right for recording as the store was opening.

“Many Muslims are going to boycott Matalan store in Dewsbury but I’m going to continue shopping.”

Last month videos circulated on social media of baying crowds arguing over cut-price televisions in Batley Tesco on Black Friday.

The police were also called to that incident. No such behaviour is evident in the Matalan video.

A video lasting one minute 42 seconds remains on Youtube while a longer ten-minute version appears to have been taken down.

Another man said: “It seems to be a media thing now but I feel upset about it. They shouldn’t have done that.

“We couldn’t see we were being filmed at the time – we didn’t find out till mid-afternoon when we saw the video.

“We haven’t done anything wrong – I’m not barging or pushing anyone.

“Matalan have invited us to the store. This makes it look like they cannot look after their guests.”

Another man, who did not want to be named, said: “People have got so offended about that video.

“So many people are phoning them saying they shouldn’t have done it.”

The man suggested some Batley and Dewsbury customers intended to boycott the store.

But the woman who filmed the video has said no offence was meant by it and that it was only intended to be kept “between the Matalan staff.”

Jacquetta Rose Haigh, a sales assistant at the store, said: “As the person who took the video, I would just like to defend myself after all the threats and abuse I have received from these ‘bargain hunters’ – my intentions were not to be racist or take the mick out of anyone.”

She added that the video had been forwarded on by another member of staff who is Asian.

A spokesman at Dewsbury Matalan said no harm was intended by the video and that an investigation into the incident was ongoing.