‘Use it or lose it’ message to Pals

PEOPLE undergoing treatment for breast cancer are missing out on a free pampering service.

And because the service, which is run by the Bosom Pals breast cancer support group, is so poorly used it’s at risk of stopping.

Bosom Pals pay professionals who offer aromatherapy, beauty treatments, relaxation and reflexology for breast cancer patients living in North Kirklees.

The pamper sessions are held monthly at Dewsbury and District Hospital and have proved popular since they were set up eight years ago.

But numbers are waning and organisers fear if new people don’t start coming they will have to stop the sessions altogether.

Bosom Pals chairwoman Sheila Stenton said: “If no-one else comes we are going to have to finish it, but we are quite reluctant for that to happen. At this stage now it is very much use it or lose it.

“It was 1983 when I first started with breast cancer and there are a lot of young women going through it now. The pamper session just gives them an hour or so away from the stresses of home. It’s someone different to talk to from your mum or your husband who you don’t want to worry; someone who’s been through it themselves and are in the same position as you.”

Sheila said the dip in numbers could be down to the different hospitals women were sent to for cancer treatment.

But regardless of where they are treated, Bosom Pals serves anyone living in North Kirklees.

“Surely after a free facial you’re going to feel a lot better,” she added.

“We’re a pleasant group of women who have been, or are going through, the same thing and want to help new members realise there is light at the end of the tunnel.”

The pamper sessions are held on the third Wednesday of the month at the Rosewood Centre in the hospital from 6pm-8pm.

For information call Sheila on 01924 515331.