Vandals are putting my life as risk

VANDALISM TARGET Paul Mayo outside the dilapidated house. (d309a335)
VANDALISM TARGET Paul Mayo outside the dilapidated house. (d309a335)

A chip shop owner says vandals and arsonists are putting his life at risk.

Paul Mayo, whose house and business, the Mayflower fish and chip shop, are in Halifax Road, Hightown, said a dilapidated house next door was a constant target for firebugs, leaving him afraid for his safety.

He said: “The house has been empty for nearly three years. Since then it has been a target for vandals. There have been fires and floods – the police told me people were setting fires in the living room.”

Paul said his windows had been broken and his canopy damaged, and he had heard a loud bang when the boiler was stolen from the house.

He said it belonged to Harrison Gardner, whose dyeing factory next door was demolished last year after constant vandalism and fires.

He said: “I rang Harrison Gardner and said they had to make it secure because I can’t go to sleep at night.

“After months they came and boarded it up which stopped it for a while then in the past few weeks people have been targeting it again. They have been stealing tiles from the roof.”

Paul said an outhouse at the property had been demolished - but now children were smashing up wood left outside and vandalising the remains.

He said: “It is unbearable. I have never had any problems, but since that house has been unoccupied living here is hell.”

Harrison Gardner did not provide a comment.