Video: Calling time on alcohol crime

A hard hitting video campaign has been launched by police to tackle alcohol-fueled crime.

West Yorkshire Police’s In Focus aims to underline the harm drinking too much can have on communities.

Latest news...

Latest news...

During the past year, more than 3,071 people were arrested for being drunk and disorderly in West Yorkshire.

And more than 2,360 arrests were made for drink driving.

Chief Supt Simon Willsher said: “Alcohol is often behind many of the offences we routinely deal with and by raising people’s awareness of its impact, we hope to make a genuine difference.

“It brings with it a significant pressure on resources, not just for the police, but our partner agencies. Likewise, it can have life changing consequences for the individuals involved in drink related incidents.

“We have seen instances where drunken behaviour has resulted in death or serious injury. This can be avoided if people take responsibility and understand their limits.

“The likelihood of being involved in crime as either a victim or an offender significantly increases when alcohol is introduced.”