Video: Local papers a trusted voice, says Miliband

The Labour Party leader Ed Miliband has spoken out about the importance of local newspapers to their communities.

Mr Miliband made the comments as he was visiting a children’s centre in Ravensthorpe to promote a Labour Party policy.

IMPORTANT ROLE Ed Miliband is supporting Local Newspaper Week.

IMPORTANT ROLE Ed Miliband is supporting Local Newspaper Week.

The Reporter questioned him on the policy and his feelings on politics in the area, before turning to the importance of local newspapers.

He said that local newspapers were a trusted source of information in their communities.

He added: “I think local newspapers are incredibly important, particularly here in Dewsbury. I’d encourage everyone to read their local newspapers to make sure that they keep up with the news locally.

“Local newspapers are a trusted voice for local people and I think they are an incredibly important part of our community.”

The Reporter Series and Morley Observer & Advertiser are joining papers around the UK in support of Local Newspaper Week.

This year’s theme is Making a Difference and will highlight the power of local newspapers.

Every day we’ll be sharing a different video showing how our newspapers make a difference to the lives of the individuals and communities they serve.