WATCH: Punches thrown as YouTube star Mo Vlogs attends Batley meet and greet

The scene at Frankie's Burgers, Batley.
The scene at Frankie's Burgers, Batley.

A restaurant owner in Batley has spoken out after it was claimed trouble erupted at a meet and greet event.

The incident took place on Sunday evening as over a thousand people gathered outside Frankie’s Burgers on Bradford Road after it was announced that a famous YouTube personality would be attending a meet and greet for fans.

Crowds jostled and punches were thrown as Nadeem Yasin, 38, suffered cuts and bruises as he was kicked and punched repeatedly.

A video of the attack has been circulated on social media.

Mr Yasin, who’s seven-year-old son is deeply traumatised by the attack, said: “When the guys arrived there was a lot of excitement and a big surge forward, it was very clear it was unsafe.

“These security guys were stood there doing nothing, not helping, nothing. I asked them to assist people and they did nothing.

The scene at Frankie's Burgers, Batley

The scene at Frankie's Burgers, Batley

“The next thing I know I am on the floor being attacked. I could hear my son crying the whole time, he thought I was going to die in front of him.

“I didn’t retaliate or throw one punch because I am civilised. It was disgraceful. I don’t even care about myself, I’m worried about my son, who is absolutely traumatised.”

Irfaan Patel, who has owned the eatery for two years, said that despite the 5.6m YouTube subscribers that Dubai-based internet superstar Mo Vlogs has, organisers had expected no more than 50 people to show.

He said: “It was organised at short notice and I didn’t know who the YouTube guys was,” he said, “they said they wanted to come in for some food and we wanted to share that with the community.

“We rounded up some guys to act as security from some of the sports clubs we sponsor and gave them some t-shirts. They weren’t paid for it.

“I don’t know what happened but no son should ever witness his dad being treated like that. I don’t understand why it happened and we are looking into it. It ruined the enjoyment we were having at what was otherwise a good evening.

“We want to apologise but make it clear that this has nothing to do with Frankie’s or any of the staff. All I know is that there was a fight and that it spoiled everything.”

A number of other guests complained of issues at the event. Nazia Mushtaq, who witnessed the attack on Mr Yasir, said that her niece had been struck in the melee, that her daughter had feinted and that her nephew suffered a panic attack.

She said: “It was obvious it would get out of hand, you see these sort of things happen on TV.

“It was advertised on social media two days before. Even if that was all the notice they got, it should have been enough time to ensure the safety of so many children and babies.”

Instagram user @usayd_dhorat11 took to Mo Vlogs' official Instagram account to say: "It was one of my biggest dreams to meat [sic] them lot almost started crying."

Another, @mujjiix, said: "A fight did happen... the staff were very rude and arrogant a small boy had to witness his dad getting punched by frankies staff. Poor organisation. SHAME ON YOU FRANKIES."

An official statement from Frankie’s Burgers said:

“At Frankies we do our best to bring exciting new events for our customers to enjoy and have always been committed to making these fun for everyone, at no point during yesterday’s event did any of Frankies staff partake in any misconduct towards the public and strongly condemn any violent behaviour.

“We are currently investigating an isolated incident and will take appropriate action and steps to ensuring this does not happen in the future.”

A West Yorkshire Police spokesperson said: "Enquiries are ongoing today following a report of an assault in Batley.

"Kirklees Police are investigating the incident which took place at around 8.45pm outside a restaurant on Bradford Road, Batley.

"It occurred after a 38-year-old man was assaulted while queuing there with his son.

"Anyone who saw the incident or has any information is asked to contact Kirklees Police on 101 referencing crime number 13180308154."

Images courtesy of Melanie Roxbrough.