We don't want this!

ONCE again we have received a propaganda leaflet telling us how good the "eco" village (at Ponderosa) will be for our community.

Thursday, 10th June 2010, 5:13 pm

You would think that the fact that the many posters against the development displayed throughout the community, and the fact that Kirklees Council has received an unprecedented amount of opposition to the development, would give Howard Cook a clue that the community does not want this development.

Or does he know better than the community what we want and what would be good for us?

This once entirely rural location has already had more commercial development than it can stand, or that the local community wants, and what about all the negative aspects to the local wildlife which will happen if this scheme goes ahead?

Already we believe a badger sett has been destroyed by diggers during the excavation of the old quarry on the site.

We can see that the quarry had reverted back to nature by browsing Kirklees Council's aerial photo archives and provided a home to badgers, rabbits, bats and other wildlife. Compare it now to views on Google earth.


School Street