We must keep NHS for future generations

David Honeybell who had a lump cut from his tongue just 22 days after first alerting his doctor.
David Honeybell who had a lump cut from his tongue just 22 days after first alerting his doctor.

A patient has praised the NHS after a lump was removed from his tongue, just three weeks after he spotted it.

David Honeybell, of New North Road, Heckmondwike, found the lump on November 17 and thought it might just be an ulcer or a blister.

However he was slightly worried about it so the following day he went to see his doctor at Brookroyd House in the Heckmondwike Health Centre.

“I saw my new doctor, Dr Zaman, at 5pm and he was quite concerned about the lump and gave me a letter for my dentist, asking for an urgent appointment,” said David.

“He told me dentists were more familiar with oral conditions and would like his opinion. I called at my dentist’s on the way home and was able to get an appointment two days later.

“I was fortunate that the dentist also works in the oral facial unit at Rotherham Hospital so she was very well qualified to give an opinion.

“After examining my tongue, she said she would make an appointment for me to see a consultant.”

Within a week he received an appointment at the oral facial department at Pinderfields Hospital.

“The consultant told me it wasn’t an ulcer and he didn’t think it was anything sinister but he wanted me in day surgery within the next two weeks. You can imagine my surprise when, after I had been home for just an hour, the phone rang and I was offered an appointment to have the lump cut out of my tongue the following week in the Boothroyd clinic at Dewsbury and District Hospital.

“The operation went well and apart from some soreness I feel fine.

“From seeing the doctor to having the surgery took 22 days! What a really great – possibly even life-saving – service from our NHS.

“I have nothing but praise for all the NHS staff involved in my care. They all worked as a team, keeping me calm at a worrying time.”

“I don’t want to score political points but our NHS is in grave danger from the coalition government. I’ve seen first hand how our NHS works. We mustn’t lose it. We have a duty to future generations to keep it safe.”