Well, well, well, whathave we got here then?

ALTERATIONS to a Heckmondwike nursery are looking well – after builders discovered a carefully preserved piece of pre-plumbing heritage.

Wednesday, 27th January 2010, 1:46 pm
Updated Thursday, 28th January 2010, 1:57 pm

Antony Lee, owner of the Counting House Private Day Nursery, and a team from Mirfield-based Walkers Windows, uncovered the ancient well when they were digging out the foundations for a new conservatory.

"When they started digging, they realised there wasn't enough solid ground to put the conservatory on, so they had to go a lot deeper," said Antony.

"When they went down deeper they unearthed a full size well!

"It's been completely untouched and in good condition to say it must be at least 200 years old.

"It's 25ft deep and there's even water at the bottom!"

Antony said they were now planning to preserve the well to form a feature in the garden of the nursery.

"Luckily for us it falls on the outside of where the conservatory is going to go," he said.

"If it hadn't then we would have had to fill it in which would have been a great shame.

"Walkers Windows are keen to preserve it with us, so we are thinking about covering it in a glass or mesh frame.

"We've told the children about it and they are really excited to go and see it when it's safe.

"They keep going to stand at the windows so they can watch the builders!"

Antony now hopes to obtain some history on the well.

He added: "I've asked the owner of the property and they seem to think it could have been the private well of the mill owner who used to live at the house.

"Another possibility is that is was connected to the waterworks which I believe used to be very near here."

* Can you shed any light on the mystery well? email [email protected] or call the Spenborough Guardian office on 01274 874635.