What you said on Facebook and Twitter

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The Facebook and Twittersphere was inundated with comments about the Flexitallic explosion. Many were just relieved that nobody was seriously injured.

Dan Howard tweeted: “Flexitallic staff say the severity of injuries would have been far worse had last night’s explosion in Cleckheaton happened during the day”

Emma-Jayne Best wrote on the Spenborough Guardian’s Facebook: “I live at Marsland Court and heard the awful explosion! I walked past there on Sunday with my son. How scary is that?”

Matthew McKirgan took the opportunity to praise the emergency services, tweeting: “Sounds like a nasty incident at Flexitallic. Hope all are safe. Sure emergency services are doing a tremendous job as always.”

Michele Wilcock said: “I heard the explosion and so did my neighbours.”

Mark Woodall, from Broomfield Court, said: “I heard the bang when the explosion happened – I thought it was furniture in the house next door falling over.

“I went out to look and then could see a plume of smoke rising up into the skies in a easterly direction. At this point we heard the sounds of emergency vehicles going up Bradford Road.”

Rachael Ainsworth’s thoughts were with the injured, and said: “Hope no-one was seriously hurt.”

Karen Hall added: “I hope you’re all OK, and it’s getting sorted.”

Catherine Shelton, who provided us with pictures from the incident said: “The whole thing was huge, and so loud it shook my whole house.”