Who’s a pretty Leo? Unexpected guest in Mirfield chimney

The Love bird was found in Mirfield chimney.
The Love bird was found in Mirfield chimney.

A Mirfield woman hosted an unexpected guest after she heard rustling in her chimney.

When she had a closer look, Cherril Garfitt, of Farrar Avenue, was surprised to find the noise was coming from a colourful Lovebird that had found its way in and got stuck.

She said: “I looked and saw this little green head - it’s not something you see every day.”

Cherril kept the bird at home while she made enquiries to find its rightful owner, but no one has yet come forward.

“I didn’t mind it in the cage but I wasn’t so sure about it flying around, my son said it had quite a sharp beak.”

It was not clear if the bird was male or female but Cherril’s grandson, Daniel, 5, chose the name Leonardo.

Without its owner coming forward Cherril decided the bird needed more space and passed it on to the animal park at Charlotte’s Ice Cream parlour in Whitley.

“I wanted it to go somewhere my grandchildren could go and visit it.

“It took about three quarters of an hour to get it back in the cage.

“I must admit it is quite quiet without it around, I find myself talking to it when it isn’t there.” she said.