Woman left legacy in the community

COMMUNITY SPIRIT Eunice Hattersley at Christmas 2012.
COMMUNITY SPIRIT Eunice Hattersley at Christmas 2012.

A pillar of the Mirfield community has died peacefully in her sleep.

Eunice Frisby Hattersley died on June 5, aged 91.

Mrs Hattersley was known for her charitable work within the community, and in addition served as a source of news about Mirfield for the Mirfield Reporter. She established the parish lunches programme at St Mary’s Parish Church in Mirfield, which provided lunches and social interaction for elderly people and continues to operate to this day. Mrs Hattersley would keep the paper informed of Mirfield Parish Church Mothers Union and often cooked meals for “elderly people” younger than herself.

She was involved in a petition to prevent the closure and restriction of opening hours at Mirfield Library.

During the war Mrs Hattersley served in the Women’s Royal Naval Service. She was made a petty officer after 18 months. Mrs Hattersley’s son, Neal Hattersley, said with many of her friends having passed on he was delighted to see more than 100 mourners at her funeral from outside the family. He said this was a testament to her influence in the wider community. Mr Hattersley said: “When I took her to her first care home, after her stroke, a fellow resident immediately strolled up to her and said ‘Are you Mrs Hattersley from Mirfield?’. It was only then that I knew the impact she had on the community.”

Mrs Hattersley’s funeral was held at St Mary’s Parish Church, in Mirfield, and was led by Revd. Hugh Baker.

She leaves two sons John Hattersley and Neal Hattersley.