Wonderful mum Carrieanne loses battle with cancer

Family time: Carrieanne with children Ciara, Dylan and Thomas.
Family time: Carrieanne with children Ciara, Dylan and Thomas.

A mother who loved her children above all else and never gave up has died of cancer aged 30.

Carrieanne Richardson was born on November 15, 1983, in Dewsbury, and lost her battle with bowel cancer on August 7, 2014, at Kirkwood Hospice.

Her husband of four years, Dominic Richardson, with whom she remained friends until she died, said: “She died peacefully in her sleep after three months of agony.

“She always did her best for us and we will never forget her.

“I could not have hoped for a better mother for my children.

“To Carrieanne it was not about the time you have, it was about what you do with that time.”

He said that even when her illness was at its worst Carrieanne did everything she could for her children Ciara, 6, Dylan, 5, and Thomas, 2.

Not long before she died Carrieanne, who was raised in Thornhill, took her children on holiday to Haggerston Castle, in Northumbria, to make some last happy memories.

Mr Richardson said Carrieanne made the decision to tell her children when she knew her illness was terminal.

He said: “She prepared them well for it, some people criticised that. Now that it has happened they have their moments, but they are taking it well and being very mature.”

Carrieanne enjoyed a strong relationship with her stepfather, Russell, and leaves her mother, Michelle, two brothers, Clive and Craig, and boyfriend Iain.

Her funeral will be held at Huddersfield Crematorium on Tuesday August 19.