World title challenge for computer wizz!

A man from Spen has high hopes of victory in an international computer competition.

Glyn Snowden, originally from Cleckheaton, is currently ranked number one in the world in his field of computer forensics, and is taking part in this year’s DC3 Digital Forensic Challenge.

Glyn took part in last year’s competition and was narrowly beaten to first place by a group of four American computer experts, and wants to set the record straight for this year’s competition.

“I am quietly confident,” he said. “Last year I came in second place, so it would be nice to come out on top this year.”

The competition features problems companies face from hackers and viruses on their own computer systems, with each participant or group finding solutions to network-based challenges.

Glyn, who now lives in Bailiff Bridge, decided he wanted to work in computers while he was a student at Whitcliffe Mount School in the 1980s.

Now 45, he works as an IT assistant at Huddersfield University, and despite being highly regarded in the world of computer forensics, sees it as nothing more than a hobby.

He said: “I enjoy the challenge of it more than anything. It’s a little bit different to what I do for my job, but I have always been interested in computers, so it suits me!”

A total of 224 teams and individuals will be competing in the online-based challenge, with the winners set to be announced at the end of the year.