A Brigadier’s praise for Dewsbury

I ATTENDED the annual meeting (88th) of the KOYLI Regimental Association at Minden House, in Pontefract, for lunch on Saturday April 21.

Brigadier Roger St C Preston said that the freedom of the town parade in Dewsbury for 3 Rifles ws the best yet and better than parades in Leeds, Wakefield etc.

Many thanks to the Mayor of Kirklees, Eric Firth, in helping to put the parade on, along with Major Alan Howarth.

Many thanks to Maj Alan Howarth, Maxine, etc for a superb lunch.

He pulled out all the stops including regimental cups, silver, placemats rockery and cutlery – solid silver, try to beat that! Also thank you to Col B Denney, Maj M Deedes, Capt Fitzpatrick for their support.

The Dewsbury National Service KOYLI lads won the quiz, and Champagne!

Also praise for Coun Paul Kane for putting on a veterans’ dinner at Hanging Heaton Cricket Club and thanks to Margaret Watson and Maureen Tierney for the invite for the KOYLI Association.

Cede-Nullis (Yield to none)


EX KOYLI 1st Battallion, now 3 Rifles,