A&E was my life saver

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Following last week’s Guardian article regarding the scaling down of the accident and emergency department at Dewsbury and District Hospital, I would like to add myself how the impending closure would be a total disaster for Dewsbury and the surrounding areas.

I too had my life saved by the hospital after suffering pneumonia.

I was rushed by ambulance to Dewsbury and District Hospital from my home in Cleckheaton with severe breathing difficulties.

If I’d had to travel the extra distance to Pinderfields Hospital who knows what the outcome would have been?

I was admitted to the emergency department and although I spent Christmas on a life support machine I know that without their excellent care and prompt emergency treatment there is every chance I would not be here today.

The staff at Dewsbury and District Hospital and ICU do an excellent job and because of them I am here today, watching my family grow up.

There is no way this department should be moved to Pinderfields, I hope the signatures that have been collected make a difference as, speaking from my own personal experience, they are life savers and changes will only endanger the lives of people in similar positions to myself.


Brookfield Avenue